Styletread will likely go public, eventually

The Munro Family stays largely out of the spotlight however a number of large acquisitions in the past few years has garnered it some attention from the media.

Those three acquisitions have been in the footwear market and has grown the company to a size which makes it suitable for a public listing. These acquisitions have totalled of 3 billion dollars and has been closed in the past four years. The family now own one of the largest fashion footwear businesses in Australia.

One of the four companies that the Munro Family purchased is online only footwear retailer Styletread, who they purchased off the founders Mark Rowland and Bjorn Behrendt in 2013. This purchase has given it one of the most popular online shoe retailers in Australia. Styletread has strong sales and specialised online marketing skills. For a Styletread discount code, see here.

The Munro Family now own over a dozen shoe brands and will be looking to grow the business and each of the brands further. It’s initial plan is to return one of it’s acquisitions, Wanted Shoes, back to profitability.



Interior Secrets, a family business excelling

One of the quite achievers in Australian furniture retail is a company called Interior Secrets which was founded by Bill Huynh and is located in Sunshine North. The company is now considered to be one of the fastest growing startups in Australia.

Bill Huynh is an entrepreneur and decided that he would start a business in a market for which he had very little experience. He decided on this business since he saw a huge potential for growth in the market segment. He borrowed $20,000 from his parents and got started.

The company was launched in 2009 and since it’s inception it has grown exponentially and even achieved a profit in it’s first year of operation. Interior Secrets is now turning over millions every year and staff numbers have grown to match.

Interior secrets offers customers designer furniture online and has a wide range of aesthetically appealing items. If you are looking to purchase from them, make use of a Interior Secrets Coupon available here.



The ancient mysterious city of Machu Picchu

One of the most wonderful and mysterious cities in the world is also one of the hardest cities to get to. This is the amazing city of Machu Picchu, located in the mountains of Peru. The city is heritage listed and is also known as the lost city of the Incas.

Buried deep in the mountainns of Peru, the city is very well hidden and protected and to get up to the city is a difficult task if you are walking on the Inca trail.

It is not known exactly who lived in Machu Picchu however some believe that it may have been a resort for the elite in the times of the Incas. The city is made of polished dry stone walls and there are a number of key buildings including the Intihuatana, The temple of the sun and the Room of the three windows.

If you plan to walk the trail, stay at a Accors hotel in Peru and make sure you use a Accors Hotel coupon with your stay.


Lovisa likely to be floated by Brett Blundy

One of Australia’s most popular jewellery and accessories chain, Lovisa, is likely to be floated at some stage soon by successful business man and owner, Brett Bundy. The brand has over 200 stores Australia wide.

Brett Blundy heads up a portfolio of iconic brands such as Bras ‘n’ things, Adairs, and Dusk. Get savings on your purchase with an Adairs coupon.

The rumours have come about at a time where there seems to be a consolidation in offerings from Blundy with the changing over of some Diva stores to Lovisa. It has been claimed that fund managers have already been approached about a possible float in the near future.

Lovisa is expected to be valued at up to 12 times earnings and would result in a market capitilisation of up to 240 million dollars.

During the last financial year, Lovisa turned over $100 million dollars with an EBITA result of approximately $20 million.

The future challenges facing the brand for anyone looking to invest is the saturation point being reached for products sold by the company.